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What's up for 2009

NEW headshot for 2009, New headshots coming for 2009! click here!

A few more new 'SmashBrain' clips BMX crashes!, Snowboard crashes!

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Check out 4 new 'SmashBrain' clips here, here, here and here!

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Jeff is off to perform with the Pro Impact Stunt Team for the 2nd year in a row, in Kingston Jamaica. March 28th, 2005! For a full story and pictures from the event, click here.

Jeff performed with the Pro Impact Stunt Team, for the 3rd year in a row in Weslaco, Texas, saturday March 5th, 2005. Check out some pictures below, click to enlarge!

To see pictures of the whole event,click here.

Jeff is hosting a new action sports tv show called 'smash brain'. It is available exclusively on the Verizon Wireless 'V Cast' network. Brought to you by Cinema Electric. Check out clips from the show here and here! (quicktime)

Even more clips here!

press release HERE!

Check out Jeff's new headshots for 2005! click here!

Check out Nic and Tristan Puehse, 7 year old twins who rip! Pictures here!

Heidi at the Skatepark Association - SPA USA is putting out a 'guest' signature deck for Jeff. Michael Vona has been doing a great job designing and re-designing the graphics, look for it soon and check it out by clicking here!

Jeff announced and skated in shows for Red Bull, right on the beach in Atlantic City, NJ, September 11th-13th, 2004 Click for info / pictures!

Pictures from Jeff's laser eye surgery, courtesy of The Lasik Spa! Click here!

Jeff performed with the Giant Bicycles Stunt Show at the Antelope Valley Fair, in Lancaster, CA. from August 27th-September 6th. Click here for some pics!

Jeff performed at Universal Studios, Orlando Florida with 'Mat Hoffman's Crazy Freakin' Stunt Show' July 29th-August 7th Click here for some pics!

Jeff performed with the Pro Impact Stunt Team, at the Toppenish Rodeo, in Toppenish, Washington. 3 shows a day for 3 days over 4th of July weekend! Click here for some pictures from the event.

Look for Jeff doing some skating and a little acting in a new TV show for Spike TV, called 'MDN' - Mountain Dew Network. The series will begin to air nationally in July!

Jeff performs with the Pro Impact Stunt Team in Jamaica! They had never seen skateboarding before and the team had a great experience and will be returnig to the island several times this summer! Click here for some pictures from the trip!

***Click here to read a story and see over 100 pictures from the trip!***

Jeff now riding for Madrid Skateboards - click here!

Jeff skates down Ventura Blvd. in Studio City, in support for his local skate shop SK8R, for the annual holiday parade! To see some pics, click here, here and here!

The first 2 pictures were taken by Nathalie Miller!

Please help! If you can! Jeff's brother, Tom Ferris. Click here!

Jeff skates in a new music video for 'The Crystal Method' at the famous pool, 'The Pink Motel' click here for behind the scenes pictures!

The last Los Angeles screening of 'Men Of Action' is on 9-23-03! click here for the info.

HELMETS ARE COOL!! Support your local helmet law and your fellow skateboarder by clicking here! The Christopher Keister Recovery Fund

SK8R - Studio City's own skate shop. Jeff's local shop and part time work!
click here to check it out!

Jeff's Skater of the month - = Ryan Bradish = -
August 6th, Simi Valley Days - skate demo's
In 2002, Jeff had a signature board that came out on Shuvit Skateboards.
It was a limited edition. Less than 50 are left in existance!
Click here to see the board
Jeff's business, the Pro Impact Stunt Team continues to perform all over.
Check out the newly updated website and read some stories on past events
here - Wichita show - Oklahoma show.or even here!
Jeff had some signature wheels that came out on Cowboy Punk, the wheels
were also limited edition 60mm & are almost all gone! order a set today!
email jason, visit the website & see the wheels HERE!
Jeff was featured in a 2 page spread in first issue "American Health and Fitness" magazine, in June of 2001. See the whole article here: part 1, part 2 and part 3

Look for Jeff doing some skating and a little acting in a new TV show for Spike TV, called 'MDN' - Mountain Dew Network. The series will begin to air nationally in July!

Look for Jeff in a new show called "Mob Scene" playing a mafia guy in the episode, "The Ghost Of Sonny Black" airing on The Discovery Channel! The Show has been airing this month and will be released on DVD in April! To see some pictures from the shoot day click here, here, here and here!

Jeff plays a wannabe cop / security guard for a new industrial film for the Pioneer stereo corproration! see a pic here. Watch the video here!
Jeff co-hosts a new Infomercial, for the "Triking Kobra" a new scooter/bike design from Flaquitz Enterprises! The infomercial is currently airing nationally. Click here for behind the scenes pictures!
Look for Jeff skating in a new public service announcement commercial, with Richard Karn from the TV show "Home Improvement" this will start to air nationally in September, 2003.
Jeff and skateboard legend Danny Way are featured in a spec- Nissan car commercial. The commercial is in the process of being proposed to Nissan and local dealers. The stunt involved being pulled behind a motorcycle at 30 mph and lauching off a ramp to an airbag. It was shot in the 2nd street tunnel in downtown LA. The shoot was directed by Todd Grossman, Click here for behind the scenes pictures!
Jeff appeared in a TV commercial for Activision's "Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer" video game. This played nationally in the summer of 2002. Click here for behind the scenes pictures!
Jeff was cast as a lead in a new short film, "Men Of Action" directed by Todd Grossman. The film was shot in the summer of 2002 and has played at a variety of film festivals all over the country. Most notably, the "Dances with Films" film festival & "The LA Shorts" film festival in Los Angeles. It's also been shown in the New York and Seattle film festivals and the ICC Jove festival in Spain. Most of the crew and actors were from the new action hit "xXx" with Vin Desiel. Click here for Men Of Action on the IMDB. Click here for behind the scenes pictures!! or to watch the film online at ifilm.com, click here!
Another one of Jeff's short films, "Hide and Seek" (Karstensen Pictures) directed by Andrew J Wahlquist premiered at the Biola Film Festival, Los Angeles, May 4th, 2001. Click here to see some stills of the film! IMDB


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